Cleaning Different Types Of Stove Tops

It is highly likely that among the major surfaces inside the kitchen, your stove top goes through most of the stains, splashes of oil/food, and accidental spills. This results in a worn-out look and makes new stoves look old and ragged. In order to keep your stovetop looking clean, all that you have to do is to take the time to clean it regularly after cooking meals with a damp cloth. This will save you hours of frustration that comes from strenuous scrubbing as the oil and food spills become hard. There are,however, different ways to clean glass tops, gas stovetops, and coil. For this purpose, we have compiled all the techniques that you need to know below:

  • Glass Tops

Most electric stoves have a glass cooktop, and they have gained quite a lot of popularity recently. This is because they have an even looking smooth surface which simply allows them to blend very well with other kitchen utensils for an aesthetic look. Most electric cooktops are now equipped with induction technology. This allows their surface to remain cool to touch while still being able to boil the water inside.

Since the glass cooktops carry a very smooth surface, it is quite easy to clean them. And this is exactly why they sell a lot. All that one needs is slight cleaning with a damp cloth after cooking and it is done. However, grease stains often go unnoticed and over a period of time they build up.

In order to clean any sort of grease stains from a glass top, you can try a single-edged scraper. This will allow you to clean up stubborn buildups near the edges with great ease. However, make sure to not to press too hard against the surface or you might end up breaking the glass.

  • Gas Stove Tops

Apart from the glass cooktops, gas cooktops happen to be another popular option among buyers. These cooktops make use of a flame that results in heating. There is a range of burner shapes and sizes that are offered by gas cooktops today. So whatever your job is, you would know that there must be the right burner size and shape for it out there. Since the cooking utensils literally sit on top of the grates, you can always make use of cast iron skillets or stoneware to protect your grates.

All the oil and grease simply fall off on the grates and keep building up until they are very obvious. In order to clean the grates up, simply soak them in a warm water with some soap in your sink. On gentle scrubbing, you can easily get rid of the stains.

  • Electric Coil Stove Top

Electric coil stove tops have a good amount of resemblance with electric coil cooktops with the difference that these coils make use of electricity to cook. The heat comes due to the electrically powered coils and can be adjusted via heat knobs. Since they do not have a flame, they are much safer with kids and pets around.

Just like other kinds of stovetops, electric coils can also experience a building up of sticky oil an grease over a period of them. In order to clean these, first, separate the electric coil burners. Then, wipe the coil with a sponge soaked in a bowl warm water with soap after unplugging the burner. You will have to be careful to not to get the electric connections wet. Once done, let it dry. While it dries out, consider cleaning the rest of the electric cooktop using a damp cloth if needed.