Men’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2018


After some colder weather early on in Spring, it’s finally warmer and starts to feel a lot like summer. And with the change in weather, so too are the shifts in clothes. Below are some of the latest trends that we saw on the catwalks and help us prepare for the warm and humid summer to come.

The Eighties

A trend that’s coming back: the eighties look. There have been a number of pastel colors and boxy suit jackets paired with light washed jeans on the catwalk suggesting this look is trendy again. In fact, this trend was at it hard on all three fashion capital catwalks. That being said you don’t want to take those particular designs to heart.

Instead, pick out your favorite element from this particular trend and blend it with the clothing you have in your existing wardrobe.

An example of that in action is looking at Fendi’s show where there was a mixed Eighties sportswear with tailoring. Another example is at E Tautz where the design was a square-cut jacket followed by pairing it with some cool loose trousers.


Another design pulled out of the eighties is wear nothing but white. It’s a pretty bold look and if that’s not your style that’s cool. Consider swapping out the top layer for either an indigo denim jacket or perhaps a navy blazer. When it comes to shoes there is the classic black, however you can also opt for leather sandals or even penny loafers.

The Naughties

We saw the revival of the Nineties look so it makes sense that they’ll be moving to the Naughties. Right now, it might pretty small, however, it’s still worth noting. We’ve seen some early signs of the trend. Baggy cargo trousers, long belts grazing the thigh, sweater-vests and indigo double denim.


Otherwise known as “Millennial pink”, the warm, blush rose color that we’ve seen on the catwalk is something that men can’t avoid. We’ve already started to see some more expanding hues of this color from mid-pink to even the pastels of the pink spectrum. It also helps a lot that some of the more established labels have been pushing this trend as well. Brands like Ermengildo Zegna, Fendi, Valentino, and Berluti.

Vertical Stripe Suit

A lot of designers have been falling back on block and primary colors to provide impact at shows. Because of that patterns and prints were rather thin on the catwalks. The exception to that is actually vertical stripe suits. In a lot of catwalks, they made a lot of appearances and for good reason: the fabric and design will look good on any man regardless of the body shape that they have.

Two Pockets

It might be from the recent death of Roger Moore, however, we saw a lot of riffs on safari and field jackets as well as Seventies-style military shirts on the catwalks. But one of the key details is actually the double breast pockets on them.