Finding the Perfect Bracelet without Breaking Your Bank Account


Women and jewelries are like peaches and cream or spaghetti and meatballs. That said, jewelries are a woman’s all-time favorite accessory and is considered as the so-called ‘exclamation point’ of her outfit.

And, of all types of jewelries that can easily transform a look, add some sparkle for any occasions, and really help show off unique and individual style, a great bracelet is something that you can always count on.

Types of Bracelets

There are many options of bracelets available now for women to splurge on. This is great news, because today it is easier to find the bracelets tailored to anyone’s personal preferences and style. But having lots of options also means decision-making a daunting task.

To help you narrow your choices, let’s start of by knowing the different types of bracelets which include the following:

• Bangles- Bangles are bracelets designed without a clasp and can easily slip over the wrist. They can be worn either singly or they can come in multiple stacks.
• Birthstone and Gemstone Bracelets-These are bracelets made to commemorate someone’s birth month.
• Chain Bracelets- Chain bracelets are timeless and versatile bracelets characterized by linked chains and they come in various range of metals and materials.
• Charm Bracelets-These are bracelets that come with personal charms such as trinkets or pendants that symbolize important things or events.
• Cuff Bracelets-Cuff bracelet resembles an incomplete bangle.
• Tennis Bracelets-These are thin bracelets that are flexible and attached with a clasp. They can be made of a row of diamonds or other metals or gemstones.
• Multi-Strand Bracelets-These are bracelets consist of several strands that are connected by a single clasp.

Tips in Buying the Perfect Bracelet without Breaking Your Wallet

1) Think About Your Wardrobe First

To make the most out of a bracelet purchase, consider whether or not the bracelet’s colors and materials can easily match the outfits you have in your wardrobe.

2) Consider Your Lifestyle
Your choice of bracelet should seamlessly fit your lifestyle or your day to day activities. You don’t want to waste your money on something you won’t be able to use because it simply seems out of place. Say for instance you are into sports, choose a bracelet that’s durable and will go with sporty attires. Or if you work in a corporate office environment, you might want to opt for something that looks elegant and professional.

3) Find Your Treasure Online

Lucky us, we can now easily browse online for almost anything, especially jewelries. The best thing about it is, there are tons of online stores today that offer gorgeous yet very affordable bracelets. If you like bracelets that come with a distinct mix of vintage shapes and contemporary styles, check out Kendra Scott. You can also visit Pandora where you can find as many choices of great bracelets in various styles that are not as expensive.

4) Metal Matters – Opt for Slightly Darker Metals Instead of Really Bright and Shiny Ones

If you want to go for gold or silver bracelets but don’t want to spend that much, you can find cheaper versions but be sure to choose those that come from materials that have a slightly darker and a bit of richness in tones so it looks more expensive.

5) As much as Possible Stay Away from Anything that Looks Childish – Cutesy Shapes, Overly Bright and Pastel Colors

When you want to make an impression of a bracelet that looks expensive than they actually are, you need to avoid bracelets that looks like a child’s toy, think colored flowers and hearts, as they only look cheap.