How to Choose the Most Flattering Color Which Matches Your Skin Tone


While we shouldn’t let the color of our skin hinder or stop us from doing something or wearing something that we like, there are certain ways of using color in our outfits and wardrobes that can be more flattering to our overall looks. Wearing a color that matches or compliments your skin tone can actually change and improve your overall appearance quite dramatically. Dressed in a complimentary color for your skin tone, people will be able to notice beautiful features such as your eyes and lip color in a more appealing way. The right color can also help you look more awake and give you a fresher look than other colors that might perhaps wash out your skin tone and actually draw color away from your skin rather than add and accentuate your features.

Finding out what your skin tone is, is the first step to finding the right colors that will compliment it. There are three set types of skin tones, warm, neutral, and cool. Some people can be a combination of the three types, not everyone can be grouped into a set category. And that is definitely not a problem. People who have a neutral-warm combination skin tone, for example, may even be able to find more colors that suit them than a person who has just a cool skin tone. They are open to greater choices and options as to what colors flatter them because they do not have to cater to one singular tone.

So how do you know what skin tone you are and how do you dress to flatter it?

Well, starting with the warm tones, most people with a warm skin tone will have golden or yellow undertone that can also be described as an olive skin tone. People with a warm skin tone may have hair that range between dark brown to dark blonde, and if they don’t, those hair colors compliment warm skin tones the most so you might want to think about it. People with a warm skin tone can also wear a variety of warm, cool, and neutral colors that will flatter their skin tone. Any kind of orange, red, or yellow compliments a warm skin tone and can bring out your features. Cool colors that work are all deeper shades of blue and green, such as olive or darker turquoise, as well as magenta and dusty purple shades. As for neutral colors, any kind of creamy white or chocolaty brown, as well as caramel and beige colors will definitely compliment a warm skin tone. Some colors that may wash out a warm skin tone or be harder to pull off are icy blue and green colors, as well as bright jewel tones likes sapphire and ruby.
A cool skin tone can be described as to having a blueish undertone to one’s skin. People with very pale and light skin to people with very dark and deep skin colors can all have a cool skin tone. Having naturally very dark brown or blueish-black hair, as well as very light blonde hair can be sign to having a cool skin tone and these are the hair colors that also compliment it best. Any kind of blues and greens will compliment a cool tones person, and also jewel tones like amethyst and ruby work well for them too. Rosy pinks and reds also work for them, despite being warm colors. Neutral colors they should wear are gray, navy, and clean white; while colors they should avoid are oranges and yellows.

Neutral skin tones are in the middle of warm and cool, and basically a combination of the two. Any hair color will work with a neutral skin tones. Colors that compliment a neutral skin tone are any color, but a soft and more placid version of it. Bright colors and tones are not ideal for a neutral skin tone. But, bear in mind, it is also up to you whether or not you can pull off a color with whatever skin tone you have.