Our Favorite Past Celebs Today


It doesn’t matter which era and where in the world we are from, Hollywood is with no doubt one of our biggest pop culture references ever. Who can forget the classics that have marked our childhood and our life just in general? A lot of time has passed, and surely all of us wonder once in a while where our favorite stars are today, what they’re up to and if they are as amazing as they’ve always been. So let’s take a look at osm of these iconic celebs.

Raquel Welch

Appart from winning numerous audiences all over the world, and getting into the heart of every single one of them, Raquel Welch has earned the title of one of the biggest international sex symbols. In 1995, Empire Magazine created a list of the ‘100 Sexiest stars in film history’, and of course Raquel Welch was amongst them. In addition to that, she has earned a different number of titles from hottest, to most beautiful and sexiest women of all time.

Britt Ekland

Really, who doesn’t know Britt Ekland? The Sweden born sweetheart who moved to London so that she could pursue her career dreams and aspirations? Ekland was very popular back in the days for her beauty, skills and that lovely Swedish accent that we all love. He acting career started to wane just a couple of years after she had her breakthrough, but even so, we still keep her in our hearts and manage to sneak into her current endeavors through a number of reality shows she participates in.

Betty White

Ah Betty White, the wonderful Betty White. The actress is with no shadow of a doubt an international treasure. She started her professional career on a radio show that later became her own and won a range of audiences. She always wanted to transition to television though, so she slowly did so and obviously rocked it. She was given a role on a show for the first time in 1954.

Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton was born and raised in New Mexico and began her career very very young. She started out as a model, and very easily became one of the best and most beautiful models in the world. She appeared in the show Paper Lion in 1968, and continuously maintained minor roles in a number of shows. She is still stunning!

Honor Blackman

Remember the first Bond Girls? Well, if you do, then you’ll recognize Honor Blackman instantly. She is known as Pussy Galore, one of the most famous Bond Girls to ever appear on the screen. She was born in England, in 1925. She has a wealth of leading roles throughout her career and still acts in smaller roles until today.