Design a Better Bathroom

One area of the home that can be a difficult place to design is the bathroom. If you’re struggling with design ideas, here are some ways that you can make your bathroom stand out from the crowd.


One thing that you need in your bathroom is storage space. We often don’t have enough storage space in the bathroom and things tend to get cluttered all over the place. One way to add some extra storage especially in the shower area is design a shampoo niche that is more functional than just a simple basket or something that hangs over the shower head. You can design the niche into the wall of the shower. This should be deep enough so it can hold bottles of shampoo, soap, and other common things you use in the bathroom. This way your shower will have plenty of storage room for the regular items you use while bathing.

Another option is to ensure that your countertop has plenty of storage space underneath and that above the sink you have enough shelves to hold all of your items. If you have enough storage space in your bathroom, you’re not going to have as much clutter and things are going to look a lot better.

Use the Same Materials in Different Places

You can make use of different materials in your bathroom. For example, if you have left over tile from creating your countertop for your bathroom, you should use this additional tile in unique ways. For example, you could use this tile to create a shelf or seat in the shower for someone to sit on if you have a walk-in shower. By using the same materials in different ways, you can give the bathroom a nice streamlined look.

Make Room

When redesigning your bathroom make sure you have enough room for everything you want to put into the bathroom. You don’t want the bathroom to be too cramped as this will not give it a nice appearance. You should try to avoid having the toilet as the focal point of the bathroom and try to have something such as a tub or a vanity be the first thing that draws someone’s eye when they can step into the bathroom.

Bathtub Should be Used

If you never take a bath, it makes no sense to install a bathtub in your bathroom. You can save yourself a lot of money by just installing a simple shower. If you do intend to install a bathtub you should be someone that takes a bath on a regular basis or there should be someone else in your family that likes to take a bath. in some cases, you can install a better shower if you have more room and you’re not taking it that space with a bathtub.

Material Matters

When you design your bathroom, you want materials that are durable, but are easy to clean. Some materials such as natural stone look great but are very hard to clean and can be difficult to manage overtime. Other materials such as reconstituted stone or porcelain are easier to clean. You should keep in mind the different materials that you use for your bathroom and use ones that will reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning that you have to do in the bathroom.


These are just some simple design tips to help you design a better bathroom. Everyone is going to be different so design a bathroom that works for you