Interior Design Trends 2018

Interior design is always changing and each year there are new design tips and options. Here are a few of the trends for 2018 that you might want to keep a note of if you plan to do any interior design.

Smart Technology

Our technology is rapidly expanding and it is starting to become commonplace in the home that not only do we use computers but many of the appliances that we used a today are now smart in nature. One of the top design trends of 2018 is the use of smart technology in the home. This technology will probably continue to be used into the year 2019 and far beyond as it keeps advancing with new technology that comes out each year that further enhances are Comfort Inn our own homes.

Larger Tile

Another top trend for 2018 is the use of a larger Subway type tiles. These tiles have been used for both Renovations and new construction. The main reason that the style is being used is that it’s easier to maintain and the installation process is a lot smoother. These tiles also give a nice aesthetic appearance to a room.  Individuals are using both a larger format tile and they’re also using porcelain slab sized sheets to decorate rooms with these larger tiles.

Bold Colors

Another design trend for 2018 is to take a regular color that we already use such as blue and to use various shades of that color. Instead of just using the same plain colors designers are taking regular colors and changing them to new and exciting colors by experimenting with the hue of that color.

More Nature

There is more concern for the environment now and many designers are starting to incorporate nature items within homes. For example, some designers are making use of natural rock formations and including these natural rock formations within a home that they are building around the rock.  Other designers are incorporating more plant life and general nature within a structure

Colorful Plants

There are a wide number of different design options that you can employ in your home such as tables, vases, pictures, and other such items. The main problem with these items is that they’re quite expensive. Some designers are using colorful plants as a replacement for these items. These plants are both attractive and colorful and they can really highlight areas of your home. It is known from research that plant life can reduce stress and generally make you feel better so therefore they are being used more often in the design of homes.

Nanotech Materials

The materials that we use an interior designer also changing and one of the top trends is the use of nanotech materials. These materials are scratch-resistant, monochromatic, opaque, they resist fingerprints, and they give a nice visual appearance to your home. You should see a growing trend in the future of more nanotech materials being used to decorate the interior of homes.


These are just a few of the design changes that are taking place in 2018. In the new year, you should see even more changes take place as we start to incorporate more technology into the design of our homes and use your creativity to create today’s modern living space.