Apartment Decorating Tips

Many thought that apartments can have limited decors because of its small space. It should not be the case since there are a lot of apartments which have stunning interiors. However, apartment decorating can require a different approach since space and functionality should be maximized.

Match your furniture with your apartment space

You have to tailor your furniture and accessories so that your apartment won’t look like it’s cramped. Every studio or apartment can look like it has a big space available as long as the furniture doesn’t look like its overcrowding in the entire room. Choose a furniture that has the right size, simple, and functional.

Set boundaries

If your apartment is a living room, kitchen, and dining room all in one space, consider setting up curtains that complement the colors of the wall. You can also create “floating” cabinets and furniture to maximize the room versatility and function. When you are designing your apartment, make sure that you don’t block walkways and entrances. Keep your way unobstructed as much as possible.

Make sure to source a multi-purpose furniture

Every inch is important when it comes to apartments. The key is to create an illusion that you have a wide space without Coffee tables that have built-in drawers are convenient for keeping small accessories. A bed sofa can be considered as a place of sleeping if you have other people visiting your apartment.

Maximize the Colors

If you can paint your apartment walls, you can customize them with neutral colors. You can also add your favorite paintings and pictures to add texture to your apartment. When it comes to flooring, if you are not able to modify the tile colors, you can choose a bright rug instead. The rug can also hide any unattractive features of your floors. You can add a rug that makes your flooring look pop or colorful.

Utilize the vertical space of your walls

You can add shelves on your walls as book storage. You can decorate it with your favorite books or toy collection. Floating shelves and built-in cabinets are places where you can keep your silverware.

Make the Corners Useful

The corner part of your apartment can be a great way to add storage, beds, seats or big pieces of furniture. You can keep the center of your apartment clutter-free.

Use Lamp Lights or Fairy Lights

There is no need to hang a crystal chandelier if the space of your apartment won’t allow it. You can use overhead fixtures instead and change your lamp lightings for a more pleasant ambiance.

Choose Great Curtains

An apartment window can have the most desirable view or the opposite. If you don’t like what you see outside your windows, the curtains can act as covers. If you also don’t want too much light, make use of elegant thick curtains. Choose the curtains that drape down to the floor. It will create an impression that the ceilings will look higher than it actually is.

Color Palette should be Light

The ideal color is a neutral palette that can prevent visual breaks for the eyes. You can place a marine blue sofa and chairs, a wooden table and wooden flooring that will make a nice match with white walls.

Maximize the space of outside patios. You can create a cement chair or a swing outside your apartment. You can also put the small potted plants outside so that they can have the sunlight and rain that they need.

If you give your apartment proper furnishings and paint it with the right colors, you will certainly bring out its best qualities.