Add Value To Your Home By Remodeling The Kitchen

Kitchens perform many functions. Though the main purpose is cooking, it is also used as a room for informal socializing. Children feel comfortable and like to spend time there. They often use it as a place to do their homework. When a house is put up for sale buyers give a lot of emphasis to the kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling in a home improvement job definitely is going to increase your home value. It has been observed that almost 90% of your cost will be recovered by the increased value. A survey showed that 80% of home buyers place kitchen in their list of top 3 important places at home. 69% of buyers said that they would have paid more for new appliances and 55% said they would have paid more for granite counters. Having an updated kitchen is going to make your home stand out in competition with other sellers.

The three major advantages of remodeling a kitchen are

  1. It increases the value of your home.
  2. The kitchen becomes more functional.
  3. Working in the kitchen is no longer a strain but a pleasant and happy time.

Remodeling a kitchen should be properly planned. The remodeling done must be functional, beautiful and comfortable. All these three factors are important. Depending on your budget and needs remodeling has to be done. It is not necessary that the entire job should be done at one go. Remodeling can be done in phases. Pay attention to wiring and plumbing while remodeling. You can employ the services of a professional to remodel the kitchen if you are not confident of doing it. 

Here are some remodeling ideas to improve your kitchen and increase the value.

Add an island

This increases the available work surface. The size depends on you’re the area available. There must be space around it. It can also be used as an alternative dining area.

Increase Storage

Regarding storage you can never have enough. Hence installing cupboards and storage areas that run from floor to ceilings is an asset. 

An attractive bench top

Bench top is that area of the kitchen that takes a lot of wear and tear. Hence having a new bench top enhances the beauty and utility of the kitchen. The type of material chosen depends on your budget. They can vary from laminated covers to granite tops.


When planning to sell a home it is better if you use neutrals in the kitchen. You may like bright colors but they are a little off putting to prospective buyers. You can play it safe by having neutrals. To add color you can use colorful accessories or stools.


Investing in good appliances is a must. They must be functional and easy to clean. They are the first thing noticed. Appliances like ranges, refrigerator cook tops can be replaced.


Kitchens must always be well lit. Good lighting helps in cooking and preparation like chopping, grating or mincing. If you plan to dine in the kitchen then good lighting is a must. The lighting position must be right. Otherwise your shadow will fall on the dish when cooking.

Often budget and time constraints make it difficult to do a complete remodeling. Then it is enough if you do these essentials to increase value.

  • Cabinets which have become old and dull can be refaced. This is cheaper than buying new cabinets. A refaced cabinet looks good and gives a sleek look to the kitchen.
  • Adding stainless steel tops and appliances will give fresh new look.
  • Paint bench tops and walls. Special paints which are available for appliances and tiles can be used.